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Personal Data
Organization Structure
Organization Charts
Position Control
Form & Reports Designer
User Group Security
Internal Controls
Audit Trail


Regional Payroll
Cost Center Allocation
Bank Interfaces
Retroactive Payroll
Payroll Reconciliation
Regional Consolidation
Variance Analysis


Leave Management
Overtime Management
Leave Balances
Apply and Approval
Leave Reports


Flexible Shifts
Integrated to Leave
Overtime Calculation
Attendance Analysis
Location Transfers
Individual Calendars

HR Management

Managing your workforce

Take5 People HR Management allows companies to manage and centralize their organization and employee information systematically. It tracks the complete lifecycle of each employee within the organization to ensure accurate maintenance of employee data from point of hire, transfers and promotions topoint of exit.

  • Regional Workforce Management
  • Organization Structure Maintenance
  • Position Management
  • Employee Portfolio Maintenance
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Reporting and Analytics


Payroll made easy and secure

Take5 Payroll provides a multi-jurisdictional payroll calculation engine which allows users to create and maintain user defined payroll groups, salary items, calculation formulas and sequences for all payroll requirements including country specific statutory and taxation requirements, retirement and provident fund contributions, miscellaneous allowances and tax withholding.

  • One Single Solution from Recruitment to Retirement
  • Regional Payroll Management
  • Corporate Governance and Control
  • Payroll Groups
  • Multi-tenancy for Multi-company Support
  • Multiple Payroll Currency
  • Flexible Payroll Period Design
  • Multiple Payment Cycle and Payment Methods
  • User Definable Salary Calculation Flow
  • Advanced Back Pay Functionality
  • Flexible Labor Cost Allocation
  • Payroll Audit Report
  • Statutory and Business Compliance
  • Multi-level Security
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Full Integration


Streamline leave and Overtime policy

Well organized leave and overtime procedures are crucial for the company to optimise the utilisation of it’s most important asset, their human resources. Equally important is empowering the employees to plan for times of increased work loads and hard earned downtime. Take5 Leave and Overtime will take care of all of this!

Take5 Leave and Overtime ensures that the entire leave life cycle is fully streamlined from policy setup for all leave types, online or mobile leave application and approvals by operational and HR management, to leave entitlement tracking, calculation and seamless integration to Take5 Payroll.

Once all the different leave policy classes are defined and applied to employees when hired or promoted, the system will allocate the corresponding days of annual leave, sick leave and all other leave automatically to each employee. The system provides full transparency to HR personnel, management and employees to view detail records and balances of all leave types.

  • Diversified Leave Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Compliance
  • Multiple Access Methods
  • Integrated with Payroll


Scheduling and tracking attendance

Take5 People Rosters is a comprehensive rostering and workforce management software application that helps HR and operational personnel manage all aspects of workforce deployment to ensure that the business’s manpower requirements are fully optimized.

This intuitive system allows the busiest supervisors and managers to focus on their core work. Take5 Roster is applicable to industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, and retail that employ a labour force that mainly works and is remunerated on a time period basis and requires comprehensive shift management capabilities.

  • User Definable Set-up
  • Workforce Planning
  • System Integration
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Operational Excellence

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