Now you can ...

Get the benefits from Software as a Service or 'SaaS' deployment of
your HRMS system or run it inhouse depending with your corporate preferences


On Premise



Full control over your HR & Payroll solution

With Take5people you can deploy your HR solution in-house on your own IT infrastructure, or any infrastructure of your choosing

This offers you:

  • Full control over all aspects of the solution

  • Data confidentiality governed by your in-house security policies

  • Security controlled by your own dedicated IT staff


Customised to your unique requirements

In-house deployment allows you to implement your HR solution to fit your specific requirements

  • A tailor-made solution configured to support your HR processes and policies​

  • Easy integration with other in-house systems

  • Future changes to HR requirements are easily implemented


Get going fast & stay lean

Take5 Load & Go Cloud is the SaaS solution for an agile implementation and cost-effective solution

  • Run your HR and Payroll using our service for a reduced Total Cost of Ownership

  • Our country-specific Templates facilitate a rapid implementation

  • Minimal dependency on in-house IT personnel and infrastructure

  • Easy to scale as your business grows or expands to new countries

  • Immediate access to system upgrades

  • High level of security and system availability with assured back-ups and disaster recovery

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