Take5 Mobile

ESS anywhere anytime!

  • Shift Information
  • Mobile Check-In and Out
  • Apply and approve Leave
  • My Subordinates
  • Pay Slip
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Timecard corrections
  • Field Staff tracking
  • Payroll Process monitoring
  • Performance Review monitoring

Take5 Minutes

Onboarding .... in 5 minutes!​

  • Onsite Recruitment
  • On-Boarding
  • ID scanning for employee details
  • Bank Card scanning
  • On-screen Contract signing
  • Shift assignment

Take5 Mobile

HR is not tied to a desk

Take5 Mobile takes away the restrictions of a desktop computer. Wherever you and your workforce are, communicate, check, apply and approve with your mobile

  • Check pay slips, annual leave balance and working schedules
  • Mobile leave application and manager approval flow
  • Take5 Mobile’s ‘punch-in’ allows your employees to check-in and out with their mobile
  • Communicate with your workforce by sending messages directly to their mobile
  • Get instant feedback from your workforce with the mobile questionnaire functionality

Take5 Minutes

Staff on-boarding in 5 minutes

Instant on-boarding of new employees with their information captured by your mobile and directly stored in your Core HR. Real-time visibility on your workforce across different locations

  • Employee information captured with your mobile using OCR technology 
  • Decentralize recruitment and on-boarding  without losing visibility and control
  • No need to spend time anymore double-checking employee information
  • Employee contracts automatically populated and stored in your HR system with the correct employee information

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