Take5 Plan

Analyse & plan


Total Cost To Company Attrition Rates
Head Counts
Total Training Hours


Multi-dimensional Modelling
What IF Analysis
Integrated to Finance
Variance Analysis

Workforce Planning

Span Analysis
Layer Analysis
Sizing Review

Compensation Management

Salary Review
Annual Merit Adjustment
Commission & Bonus
Long Term Incentive Plans

HR Analytics

Predictive Analysis
Hiring Efficiency Analysis
Cost and Efficiency Analysis

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning to meet business goals

Take5 Planning & Analytics aligns your HR metrics with your business goals

  • Forecast and plan workforce requirements and determine how to best fill positions 
  • Optimize your workforce and discover underlying reasons of performance and employee attrition
  • Use pre-built reports or design your own reports 
  • Use Quantrix Modeler to quickly build forecasting models based on different scenarios
  • Productivity analysis


Visualise your HR data to get instant insights

Turn your HR data in knowledge with easy-to-use dashboards

  • Turn your HR data into insights and knowledge for better day-to-day decision-making
  • Combine your HR data with other data to gain a better understanding of the effects your decisions are having on your business
  • Zoom in and out on different aspects of your HR operations to identify potential bottlenecks and opportunities
  • Make large amounts of HR data easily accessible for strategic planning and decision-making

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