Labour Dispatching for Taiwan

Take5’s Taiwan Professional Employment Organization (PEO) allows companies to seamlessly hire employees without establishing their own legal entity in Taiwan.

PEO Services offered

Take5 acts as the Employer of Record (or EOR) through our operation in Taiwan where we employ your employees on your behalf and we take care of everything that insures your employees are statutorily compliant and are taken good care of whilst on assignment in Taiwan.

You however, have a normal working relationship with your employee through your own management and operational structures.

Services include

Human Resource Administration

  • Employee labour contract management (The contract package is based on Client’s policy)
  • Social benefit maintenance
  • Government reports preparation (for accounting and auditing purpose)
  • IIT withholding and follow up
  • Taiwan IIT Return for Expatriates
  • Employee information maintenance for salary calculation purpose only
  • Termination including severance calculation and payment

Payroll Service

  • Salary calculation and payment
  • Withholding tax calculation
  • Calculation and on behalf payment for Labour/ Health insurance and Labour Pension Act (LPA)
  • Second-generation National Health Insurance calculation and reporting (NHI)

Other Services

  • Work Permit / Renewal Application
  • Opening local Bank Accounts
  • Accommodation logistics including Lease agreements, deposits and lease termination
  • Airport meeting, geographic and cultural orientation
  • Alien Resident Cards (ARC) Application & Renewal
  • Procure and maintain in all relevant insurances mandated by law in the Territory

Labour Dispatching Benefits

Statutory compliance of Labour, Taxation and Immigration laws is assured

Avoidance of minimum Share Capital required for the employment of foreign personnel

Saving of costs of establishing your own entity, accounting, auditing and other administration
In country care ensures that your employee’s welfare is taken care of

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